Book Cover and other happenings

It has been a little while since I wrote a post for my blog.  I finally went on vacation and had a chance to catch on a few things and read some blogs, but I have not commented.  However, I am still reading Adrienne’s, Erica’s, Trini,’s and at least another 50 between knitting, sewing, and politics.  The radio station finally moved everyone into the new location, we are now a part of Soho neighborhood in New York City.  I have to say that the neighborhood is a little pricey to say the least.  I walked into a shoe store that was having a buy one pair get another pair free sale, and the pair of shoes I picked up were priced at $585.00 (ouch).  Well, one could look at from this perspective of getting two pairs of shoes for that price, but I couldn’t justify it unless I did not pay rent and that is not happening.

There are couple of knitting shops in the new neighborhood called Purl Soho and Point Knitting Cafe.  Purl Soho has a fabric store a few buildings up from the knitting store.  I purchased some fabrics after deciding to make a book cover and a knitting needles holder (my needles are all over the place).  I brought less than a  yard of three different fabrics.  A couple of weeks prior to that, I purchase a skein of yarn Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca to make a scarf.  It turned a very nice and the instructions are posted on the website if want to make a scarf in a few hours and only want to use one skein of yarn.

I managed to do the book cover project and complete my scarf during my week off from work.  I had not use my sewing machine in a while, it was a little dusty.  My book cover came out nicely and I am satisfied with the results.  The bow on the front was an accident.  I originally cut the ribbon out for a bookmark, but cut too short and turned into a bow to pin in the front.  However, it was good to get a couple of projects completed, and I just need to pick up some fusible fleece to do my knitting needles holder along with buying some ribbon.  I also want to make a knitting bag and probably will return to Purl Soho for some more fabric.  I am seeing another project from the leftover fabric such as an eyeglass case for around the house.  

My sister-in-law wants to me to teach her how to knit because she is a bored as she is in the hospital for blood clots and will need to come home to recoup, so she is going to need something to do.  I will teach on my next vacation in a few weeks.  It’s has been quite a week starting with my glasses falling off my face and the wind carrying them onto the subway train track with the train rolling over them.  Well, I was over due for a visit the eye doctor anyway.  I have second a pair of glasses and continue reading the book in which I made the cover.  It’s a biography about Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the anti-lynching crusader.  I have not finished reading yet as it is about 800 pages, but it’s a great read for the summer during my commute and learn about a historical figure to boot.

I have been interested in crafting and sewing some tote bags and pondering the project from the spring issue of Craft Stylish, the vinyl bag, and a new project from Clover “Trace n Create Bag Templates” with Nancy Zieman.  Two templates that creates 12 different types of bags.  I am going to get the city bag template and sew a bag from that.  I want to make bags that are easy and stylish at the same time, and for $20.00 you have the option of making six different bags. 

Well that’s all I have for know, and if you are interested in the products and shops I mentioned here are the websites: (Unfortunately, it does not sale yarns online but they have a blog)

Have a good one!


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