Fabric, Yarn, and Other Musings

I have President’s Day off, and decided to work on my baby blanket, wash new fabric I received today, and just relax.  Yesterday, I went to see “Three Mo Divas” at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and have to tickets to see Terrence Howard and James Earl Jones in the production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”  However, for today, it was time for me to focus on the blanket if I am going have it completed by March.   I needed to order an addition skein of yarn for the blanket just in case, and probably knit a baby wash cloth with the remainder (waste not, want not).  I am half way completed with the blanket and it will mean me knitting on my daily commute to and from work.



I purchased my first knit fabric from Fabric Mart a few days and it came by UPS today.  I already washed and placed into the dryer which came out very well.  I want to sew a simple dress from this fabric as I need to more dresses in my closet, and enough of them that require simple care like washing them with the rest of my laundry and not requiring a great deal of ironing.  With spring and summer approaching, I like to my everyday life as simple as possible and still look good.  I also purchased a tan small houndstooth made from a cotton/linen mix for $1.99 a yard and must admit that I like the way it feels.  It is also the type of fabric that I could wear spring, fall, and winter (milder days).

Knit Fabric





Along with houndstooth fabric in the photo above, I purchased two patters for blouses I want to sew with the idea of finding fabric inspire me.  The second top, I want to find interesting print fabric to sew and wear with a pair jeans.  With the hounsdstooth, I am thinking about a dress and with the remainder a nice tote-bag.  That will mean a trip to the notion store for handbag hardware.  Well, I guess this all I have for today.  Take care, and  any of you who happen to live in Wisconsin and Hawaii, do not forget to vote in tomorrow’s primary.

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