Sensational Friday

Last week, I came across a new book by Allison Willoughby entitled 49 Sensational Skirt published by Interweave Press.  Allison is a textile designer and created this book for those want to transform their existing skirts into wearable work of art.  What is great about this book is that the author uses simple sewing techniques along with inexpensive readily available materials.  I couldn’t resist and purchased the book as there are some fabulous skirts inside, and visit to preview some of the skirts.  You can also visit her website to look at her previous work.  I think all of us have an inner artist that is just waiting to come out to show the world. 

Believe or not, I thought about creating some skirts that were not your typical run of mill, conservative plain skirt.  I think it is good to show the free spirit side as it is dying to come out in most of us.  Of course, people who are ready this blog entry will want to sew a simple skirt from scratch and add those creative touches.  I think the projects in the book will be great for teenagers who want to create a unique to wear for school.  Kids love to create a style of their own to represent their individuality.  I posted a couple of photos of Allison’s skirt as example of creative and inspirational.  I have a sensational day everybody!

 a017.jpg       a043.jpg


One response

  1. I agree that most of us have a creative side just waiting to come out and show the world sometimes. Those skirts are very creative! 🙂

    The great thing about sewing your own garments is that you can choose the color and the fabric, and then you can embellish it any way that you like to have a truly unique garment–one that fits you well and also fits your personality style.

    Happy Sewing! 🙂

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