New Arrivals

After a day waiting to come home a nice bowl of mushroom bisque soup, I received a couple of packages.  My sewing machine and the new version of MAC’s OS Leopard.  I just had to take the sewing machine out of the box to look at it, and at the same time installed my software.  As you can tell that my desk is not exactly tidiest, but it is my organized mess.  I think the machine is good buy and can not wait to break in for that new sewing project.  I went to bookstore yesterday and purchased the magazine from Threads entitled Quick Stuff to Sew (Craftstylish) and it has a compilation of various projects to create from garments to home decorate projects.

I will be spending the weekend reading the instructions, testing out the new machine, playing with the new features on Leopard and continue my baby blanket knitting project.  I am thinking about cooking a nice meal since it is a three-day weekend for me, so I am going to get out the slow-cooker for a nice chicken with tomatoes and cannelloni beans.  I got the idea from listening to Nigella Larsen the other talking about having a great meal in a short time.  Her new cookbook is called Nigella Express which he recipes are demonstrated on the Food Network show with the same name as the book.  It is true that good meal should take hours to prepare.



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