So Many Projects, So Little Time

A couple of days ago, I received the issue Spring Interweave Knits and had an orgasm (well not quite) upon looking at the projects in the magazine.  There are a few things in the magazine that I would love to make and add it as part of my wardrobe.  There is a project called the holly jacket that is great for the spring and could wear it with a nice pencil skirt for the office, or khaki pants for the weekend.  I think this sweater is nice for the spring (wonder how it would look in sage green, hmmm).





Then there is the banded peasant blouse, and the linen trumpet skirt which are very additions to anyone’s wardrobe for the spring.  I am going to put this on my wish list to knit and emphasizing the word wish because it probably will be a while for me with other things I am doing.  Unless, I follow the advice of my nephew and open a yarn/cafe shop, lol, to sleep per chance to dream.  Now, I certainly, cannot write about knitting without writing about something to sew.  I received my Sewing Today issue and saw this dress and said to myself I need to get this pattern and sew this.  The dress comes in two lengths so you can have a day look, or look very nice at a black tie affair (the world needs more black tie affairs).




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