New Sewing Machine

A few days ago, I made the decision to upgrade to a new machine from the current Brother’s 2600i and purchased a Singer CB5 from Joann’s.  The sewing machine is computerized with 144 stitches patterns, alphabet and numbers, heirloom, quilt, stretch & locking stitches.  I believe this machine will serve my purpose especially with stretch and locking stitches for my knit fabrics.  I also order some fabric for a couple of future projects.  I haven’t done any sewing because still getting some knitting projects done, and thinking a project chart will help keep track of everything.  I purchased a couple of top patterns and trouser jeans from Hot Patterns today, and probably will make a trip to the Spandex House for the knit fabric to make one of the tops.  I am thinking about a nice leopard print for the top for there is a little wild side in all of us.

I had a conversation the other day with a girlfriend of mine while leaving a Broadway show entitled Passing Strange which I thought it was a creative piece of work as it is not your average traditional show on Broadway.  We were discussing the price of clothes and how so expensive they have become.  She is complaining how pants cost $300 and $400, and a scarf priced at more than $250.  I told her that is one of the reasons why so many people have gone down the DIY path and making their own clothes.  Now she comes back with the time you spent to make a pair of pants or skirts that would probably be better off than going to the store to purchase it.  She is a person who believes she understands money, but her reasoning would mean me driving to the store, hope that I find the item I am looking for, and that could take me a few hours.  In addition, chances are I may just purchase more than a pair of pants.  I think it is more economically feasible to make your own clothes depending upon what you are making.  However, I cannot see myself paying $200 for a knit dress not made from silk or wool.  My friend also refuses to wear anything other than natural fibers, but it is not always financial conducive and one needs have pieces in their closets that is easy to care for and with very little to no ironing.  I know that there are some people out there who do not believe that sewing is a waste of time, but I certainly do not.  In fact, there is a sense of independence in that you do not have to depend anyone make anything for you, you are in control with the freedom of creating something that is yours.  Well these are my thoughts for the evening.  Keep the faith!

2 responses

  1. Congratulations on the new sewing machine! 😀

    I agree with you that sewing is not a waste of time! In fact, it is a great stress reliever and the additional bonus is that you can create a garment, or an entire wardrobe, that consists of the fabrics and colors that you have chosen. Sewing also allows you to be a little bit of a designer as well.

    Happy Sewing! 🙂

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