The Importance of Voting

Today is super Tuesday with more than 20 states in the country participating in caucus or primaries to decide on candidate to nominate for President in November.  This is an historic election as we have two serious candidates on the democratic side in contention for the office.  I understand that there are some people who apathetic about voting and believe that her or his vote does not count, but the person could not be anymore mistaken.    I listen to BBC News in the mornings, and hear reports of people from other parts of the world struggle to get the opportunity to vote for their political choices.  Sometimes they are met with opposition, physical intimidation, and sometimes death for that previous moment to walk into that booth to vote. 

Yet some people living in the United States with the right and freedom to vote make excuses for not voting thus refusing to participate in the process.  There are times when we take things for granted, but there is a moment when one should understand the importance of voting.  It is the right of everyone who reaches the age of 18 to vote in this country, and we have the responsibility to comprehend and participate in the process.  Now, I certainly cannot tell you who to vote for, but asking you to consider that you are part of the process, and voice your opinion at the polls.  Also, do not forget to write letters to your Congresspersons and Senators, in addition to local politicians to voice your complaints.


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