What Inspiration Inspires!

It is has been a few days since writing my last blog entry, but managed to get some projects underway. I started working on the baby blanket, and have enough yarn from the baby sweater to knit a little hat. The baby will surely have something to wear once out of the hospital. I have to admit that it does take me a few tries before I find that the blanket is something I want to create. I experimented with a couple of different stitches before deciding on a garter stitch border and stockinette stitch for the blanket. As you can tell I am not using a pattern for the blanket because it is simple enough and doesn’t require specific instructions.

Politics have been more on my mind since the first primary, and it is an interesting race thus far. I just hope that enough people realize that this an election and become involve in the political process. I watched on C-Span today a rally at UCLA where Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy, and Maria Shriver spoke before more than 16,000 people, and it was wonderful to see a younger generation getting involved and engaged. Stevie Wonder came to the rally and said a few words as well. I think the time as come where the people of the United States take control of their destinies, and stand up for what they want and have a say. It is something that we have been missing for quite some time. The artist will.I.am from the Black Eyed Peas become inspired by Barack Obama’s speech from the New Hampshire primary, and pulled some people together to create the “Yes We Can” video. I am posting to this blog entry to remind people that inspiration comes in all forms and shapes. Enjoy!

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