When All Else Fails, Find an Alternative

I decided not to work on the baby sweater for a couple of days and realized that I could resolve my problem by knitting the front sides in a rectangle to match the rectangle shape in the back, and attach the sleeves.  This will require me to make an adjustment without starting from scratch and I can now do a happy dance of the good news.  After that project is completed, I can move on and begin the new t-neck sweater and the baby blanket.  I tend to be obsessive where one thing becomes my primary focus during that period, but I have concentrate on sewing as well because I need some new clothes.

Today, I picked up a new knitting reference book at Borders book entitled The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, by Ann Budd.  The book explains the basic designs in multiple sizes and gauges.  The author discusses six different sweaters styles that differ in the way the sleesve join the body.  Anyone reading this blogging can venture a guess as my reason for purchasing the book after my experience with the baby sweater.  I buy and read reference books as they do give me a wealth of information and some inspiration to continue my project with confidence.  The books contains ample and meaningful information explaining gauge, basic anatomy about each sweater style, and adjusting the pattern for a better fit.  This book is a keeper and I never have enough knitting, sewing, and fiction literature books.

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