My Sweater Woes

There was a reason why decided to knit the baby cardigan sweater as I seem to run into a little problem. I read the directions and followed to the letter, but looking at the pieces, I do not see the sleeves matching up to the armholes correctly. I may redo part of the front parts of the sweater. Although, I could be annoyed, but am finding this process somewhat therapeutic with the assurance that I more patient than I give myself credit. It is all about a part of the learning process as well as I see my mistakes and really could learn from them as well. Does this process take some time? Yes, but it allows me to slow down in a world that is very fast-paced and encourages me to take my time.

It does look like that I may to start my sweater again from scratch, and conventional wisdom prevailed when I decided to start this sweater with enough time to complete before the baby made her or his debut.  I may to make a correction the pattern with knitting the to front pieces and that should fixed the problem of fitting the sleeves and save me from knitting the sweater from the beginning.  I just came up with an alternative solution while writing this blog entry.  Sometimes I come up with ideas in the middle of writing and part of my therapy.

I have not done any sewing this year as I have become so focused on the sweater, but thinking about purchasing a serger.  I do go back and forth on the to serger or not serger.  However, I do want to sew knit fabrics and would like to have a finished and neater to the garments.  The serger is still on hold for the moment along with my jersey wool fabric for my dress.


3 responses

  1. If your tension is correct the peices will fit together. It is possible to ease the sleeve into the armhole. The top of the sleeve goes on the shoulder seam, pin the centre to the seam, then the side seam with the sleeve sides, match up the first few armhole decreases. I use plastic knitting pins to put it altogether before sewing.i have never had a problem sewing up Debbie Bliss patterns.
    Hope this all makes sense and helps.

  2. I think you’re very patient with your knitting. 🙂

    A serger is a great thing to have, but it usually requires more of a learning curve than a regular sewing machine. If you’re comfortable with it, I say go for it. Even though I have a serger, I still sew seams on the regular sewing machine, and then take the garment to the serger to serge the seam, or I serge finish the pattern pieces before sewing the seams. This way, I am sure that I’m sewing the correct seam allowance.

    Happy Sewing and Knitting! 🙂

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