Knitting Mishap and a New Knitting Book

I ran into a problem the other night with my baby sweater, the stitches keep twisting and that became a little irritating for me.  The back of sweater is knitted fine, but the problem occurred while knitting the front left side.  There were two problems, the instructions called for knitted 22 times the knit and purl row which translate into 44 rows and the twisted stitches.  The first problem with knitting the 44 rows that it did meet up with the armhole to the back of the sweater, but is easily corrected by just knitting more of the knit and purl until it meets up with beginning of the armhole and adjust the number of rows to make sure it is even with the neck to the back of the sweater.  The second problem is little more difficult, but a solution is on the horizon.  I purchased Knit & Style Magazine during the summer with an article about twisted stitches to refer to correct the problem.


 A to Z of Knitting, The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Knitter

A couple of weeks ago, I purchase some reference books for knitting, sewing, and scrapbooking (yes I am thinking about scrapbooking).  For one reason or another, I find that you can never enough reference books when it comes to hobbies and interests.  I decided to the purchase the book  A to Z of Knitting, the Ulimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Knitter by Sue Gardener.  The books has more than a 1,000 photographs of instructions, and the interesting thing about book is the how-to embroidary and intaria knitting with also other knitting basics.  It is a good reference book for knitters, and I like the hidden spiral binder as it is easy to turn the pages along with them staying in place.  If should get a chance, visit Adrienne Little World ( and read her interview with Alice and Grace of Kathryn Ivy blog (  Good day.


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