The Baby Sweater

I did a few things over the weekend.  I started working on the baby sweater for my co-worker, read blogs, and began reading Barack Obama’s Audacity to Hope.  I worked on the back of the sweater and must mention that I started three times before it looked fine to me.  I am left-handed and my stockinette stitches looked criss-cross, so in order for me to change this pattern is when I did a purl stitch, I turn the yarn in a counter-clock stitch just as I did for the knit stitch and it was so much smoother and more consistent.  A lesson learned for me as I was knitting counter-clock wise, and purling clock wise which does make a difference in the look of the pattern.  I finished the back of the sweater and began working the left front side and found it remarkable that is knitting baby clothes is much easier than I thought, although the trickest part of the sweater will be the shaping of the armholes.  That is the thing about knitting it is flexible and you can always do it over.

I must admit to being a procrasinator or perhaps placing too many things on my plate and becoming full before finishing everything.  I tend to purchase books with the intent of reading them later, particularly literature.  I brought Obama’s book when it was first printed in November 2006.  I read his first book Dreams of my Father, and thought it was a well-written and well-told story about how he had to come to terms with his identity and finding where he becomes in the grander scheme of things.  Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret, I personally met Barack Obama in 2004 when was newly elected to the U.S. Senate when he came to radio station for an interview for one of our programs.  Upon meeting him, I found very approaching and leave with the instinct feeling that he listened to what you were saying.  In other words, I think is probably one of the most perceptive individual I have ever met.  He has the ability to play attention to whoever he is speaking with at that time.  It was within that moment, I had this feeling that he is going to run for president and could win.  I found him to be a leader that would mobilize and galvinize people in which to change or improve policy that is inefficient and ineffective.  I think he bring smart, talented, and doers together to put a plan in place and call people to action to implement it.  It will be interesting to see what happens in this election.


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  1. Thanks for the interesting post. I actually had an email today that was a vile concoction of lies about Obama and I in fact emailed my friend who forwarded the chain email and asked her to check her sources and not to add to the madness about him being an undercover muslim timebomb waiting to go off. I can’t believe people don’t judge a person by their deeds..he has certainly earned his place in history.

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