Getting Through Another Week

Now that the holidays are behind along with a nice little vacation, I getting back into the thick of things.  I finally made the trip to yarn shop and received the correct dye lot for the other two skeins of yarn.  It is amazing how you can see the subtle differences in colors, and I certainly did not want to knit the sweater in two different shades of beige.  Of course, I am making the knitting for probably would not care because I put thought and took the time to knit something for her baby, but it would bother me if I did not put my best into the project.  This is the project I am knitting using a smaller needle size and it is different as it does take a longer to finish with smaller needles than larger needles.  In addition to exchanging the skein of yarn, I purchase three skeins of Plymouth Yarn to knit a blanket.  If I just focus working on the sweater, I could complete project by the end of next week, and start on the blanket which I can put those project away for March.

I also have some reading to catch up on as well.  I couple of magazine articles from the New Yorker and the Barack Obama’s Dream Machine article by Newsweek.  I have some heavy reading to get through this year.  I purchased Obama’s The Audacity to Hope, What is The What, a memior, A Long Way Gone: Memiors of a Boy Solider by Ismael Beah, On Beauty and White Teeth by Zadie Smith, and other books I should read by the end of this year.  My book and CD stash are huge and probably need to do a purge of things I no longer need (Clean House yard sale).  It is good to get through the second week of the year, and make room for a fabric and yarn stash.


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