Only Tuesday

Yesterday, I returned to work after being on vacation for a week and discovered over 60 emails in my box with only a few of them really important such program changes due to covering the Iowa Caucus last Thursday.  Of course that particularly email was no longer a priority since the time has come and gone.  However, one email stood out from all the others.  The radio station is moving to a new location in Soho New York City and dealing with moving more than 250 employees and engineering and studio equipment.  I was designated as the move coordinator for my department and serve as the “conduit of information” between the department and facilities director.  Much to my surprise and chagrin the email stated that was a meeting for Tuesday located at the new space.  I asked myself, why do we need to meet at the new space to discuss the move when it came be done at the current one.  It is a 20 minute commute via subway and sit for a little over an hour discussing the logistics of the move.  That took a two hours of my work day particularly when you have other things on your plate at work.
Then I came home and find an email from Hot Patterns for the latest patterns to its catalog.  Hot Patterns as two new patterns, a blouse and the Wong-Singh-Jones Kimono dress.  I love the dress pattern for its contrasting fabric in the front and slash.  I so am going to purchase the pattern and find some cotton or silk jersey with a print for the contrasting fabric.  Then again, there is always a black and white print shape-like thin branches with a black solid fabric for the contrast.  There are plenty of ideas, but it is only Tuesday.


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