Project Runway

After a couple of weeks of repeat, Project Runway continued with its competition taking an interesting twist. Wednesday night’s challenge sent the designers to the Hershey store at Times Square and use the materials available the store to make an outfit.  I thought most of the outfits were creative with the idea of the outfit being playful and like candy.  It was interesting that Jillian actually was the only designed who used candy to make her outfit.  I thought Christian is more of a figment of his own imagination as he only used the Reeses’ butter peanut cup wrappers to make his dress, and wondered if he realized that Michael Knight from the previous season used coffee filters to make a dress, so it probably was not as originally creative as he thought.  However, Rami’s creation was innovative and just great garment construction.  I think Jillian, Chris, and Rami took the time to think about the constructions of their outfits (Jillian has the most difficult time).  I have to say it was one of my favorite episodes thus far.  


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