Another Knitting Project Completed

Knitted Bag

With this being a new year, I decided to finish unfinished projects around the apartment. So tonight, I decided to finished a knitted bag I worked on over six months ago. All the pieces were knitted, but did not get around to sewing everything together (the downside of knitting, hand sewing). The only thing left is to stitch the pocket. I also receive three new books today from Barnes & Noble, Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, volumes one, two, and three. I promised myself that I would learn and experiment with different stitches including cables and color knitting.

The body of the bag is a chocolate brown, pink strap, and green pocket. I sewn in two pink pockets inside the bad, but I still do not know what how I am going to use it. I could use it for a workout bag or traveling bag to keep my knitting projects. This is a little kink, but I can adjust and wait until next week to start project. It is the reason why I allowed myself enough time before March to complete the project. I still have a stash of yarn and waiting for my knitting needles to start on the baby sweater. However, that the three skeins of yarn I purchased for the project, I noticed that one of the skein was not the same shade as the other two, same color number, but different lot number. It is my hope that when I return to the yarn shop next wee.

Baby Project

2 responses

  1. i have to get those other books, I have the one with cables but I want the basic knit and purl one
    it good that you are finishing up your projects, I have a couple I need to get a move on too

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