Happy New Year!

Another new year has arrived and one question I asked myself is do I feel any different than the year before. There are some things that remain the same such as working at the same company, living in the same apartment, and family is doing well.  However, I do wonder about what this new year will bring and there is the idea of creating new resolutions of how I can improve myself in those areas that are less than perfect.  Then I listened to a radio program yesterday where the host Brian Lehrer posed the question what if we created a bucket list of the things we want to do before we die than doing the traditionally new year’s resolution.  The bucket list is from the movie entitled with the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play two men terminally ill who decide to take a road trip with a wish list of things to do before they die. This gave me an inspiration to create my own bucket list of things I wish to do before I kick the bucket.  Writing a bucket list is not a usually way to looking at things, but there is a reality that we are going to meet our demise at one point or another, but why not write the list before we are face with reality of having some disease to realize of the things want to do.  Unfortunately, we do not celebrate life because life gets in the way.  We are busy with the mundane that we miss the bigger picture of living life.  Now I am not suggesting that you fore-go taking care of your family, continue to work, or ignore saving for retirement, but remember that life is precious and short.  We should remember that we should not wait for something tragic to happen to appreciate life, and use our creativity to live the best life possible.  So when that final time comes we face death, we can look back and said that I lived my life to fullest and death is just another milestone for our completion. Our bucket list can be anything we choose we want to do, it can be as something as contributing something your community or the world such as one woman who wanted to give money to help with the poverty in Haiti, or something as simple as learning how to ride a bike (for adults who have not learn to ride).  It does not matter with your bucket list includes as along as it those things you want to do within your life that gives you fulfillment and enriches your live.  So when you start to create your bucket list?  Happy New Year everybody! 


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