Ready, Set, Go, Well Not Quite

After finally deciding what project to knit for my co-worker’s baby to be, I went to the yarn store and purchase three skeins of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (the color is beige, but gender neutral). I was looking forward to coming home and starting the project after dealing with one of the most vexatious individual ever known to man. The man is a walking sitcom and believe that he would try the patience of most spiritual people who ever walked the earth. Buddha and Jesus would probably run for the hills upon seeing this person. Well I digress, let me get back to my original thought. I finally arrived home eagerly wanting to start the project and realized that I do not have a pair of size two and three knitting needles. Well that meant going to and ordering the pairs of needles needed for the project, and means waiting probably until next week to start.  I am not worried as she is not leaving for maternity leave until mid-March.


After ordering the needles, I decided to take some pictures of future projects like the one above.  I thought that is a nice nightgown from the Sensual Knits book.  Imagine after a long day, you come home to take care of what ever you need to do, then take a nice warm or hot bath, and put this nightgown and lounge for the reminder of the evening.  I can not wait to build up my knitting skills to tackle this project.



I saw this sweater in the winter 08 issue of Knit Scene and said to myself what I great sweater with wonderful detailing in front to give it more interest.   I think the knit is yummy and this would be the sweater of all sweaters in my closet.  I would like to knit this for my niece as well and it will take some time and practice to get that look.




This sweater from Sensual Knits is just great to have in your closet and it is an easy project for me to create now.  I think women should something sexy in our closet without making us look like we are desperate for a guy and end up with someone somewhat less desirable.  It has just enough allure and confidence to look great.

These projects are for the knit list I am creating, and hopeful that I will.


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