A New Year on the Horizon

Before writing my thoughts today, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you did not eat too much as I think we may ourselves taking our measurements finding that we may be inch wider than a few weeks ago.  My holiday was a good one with seeing my family and for the most part a quiet Christmas.  After everyone left, I had an opportunity to think about what the New Year may bring and will I be ready for what possibly may come.  While, thinking about this thought, I was in the process of discerning my resolution for 2008.  Some of us typically have some lofty resolutions of what they would like to change about themselves, and sometimes it is usually some physical change such as losing weight.

Now I do have losing weight on my resolution list along with being more organized.  There is learning a new skill such as learning to speak Spanish, becoming a good sewer, knit that sweater, and watching my spending as I would like to retire with financial security.  I have to say this that marriage does not cross my mind as I had not met that guy that made me say to myself that I want to live with this person for the rest of my life (this I had resolved some years ago). 

With creating resolution, I learned that I should see things how they really are and not what I think how things should be.  It is this idea that I think I can resolve things with more realistic look.  I know that this seems very pragmatic, but it is about taking a more profound look of who I am really am as a person.  The first thing to learn is that I am not a perfect person, and admit that I do have weaknesses and recognize my strengths.  I also have to think about what small changes I make that will have a positive impact.  It comes to accepting and becoming less judging of yourself and others.  So my new year’s resolution for 2008 is to take it easy, become more aware and thoughtful, become a little less of a perfection and being more human.  I believe I will have greater success.


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