Why I Make My Own Accessories and Clothes

One of things I typically do on-line is browse the web particularly for accessories and clothes.  I like to have an idea what is the latest fashion, and came across this website called Stewart & Brown, www.stewartbrown.com, a specialty store that sells organic clothing and accessories.  I saw this peasant hat which is a lovely hat, but what is not lovely is its price ($165.00).  The hat is Mongolian cashmere from the description, and calling it a peasant hat may not be appropriate considering its price.

peasant cap

I do not know and can not speak for everyone, but I do not the have the money paid $165.00 for a hat that I may wear three to four months out of the year.  And some of you very experienced sewers and knitters I could produce a a few articles of clothing for that price.  This is one of the reason I became interested in making my own accessories and clothes, I cannot afford to paid retailers’ prices.  Of course, I am not saying that I am going to make single piece of clothing, but probably will end up making about 80% of my clothes.  In fact, I have not purchased a hat or scarf in three years.

There is another issue, the green movement and the need to purchase products that are good for the environment.  I am not against this idea purchasing organic products if I positively know if indeed they are organic, and after hearing about how demin is processed, I will be learning how to make a pair using organic demin to reduce having harmful chemicals.  Just one tip, if you purchased a pair jeans costing under $30.00, please wash them before wearing as there are chemicals that could irriate your skin.  I am hopeful that organic fabric does become more available and cost less as time progresses.  I believe it is becoming more practical to make your own clothes and accessories in addition to having a creative outlet.

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