The Fabric Store “Finally”

I did not think that there was a enough for me to make to Mood Fabric today, but it finally happened.  Of course I did not go to the store with a real plan, but knew of all the patterns back at my apartment so it was not much of a problem.    One could spend all day in Mood Fabrics, but from what you see on Project Runway, the designers only have 30 minutes to shop.  Since I am not a designer, so I can spend more than 30 minutes at the fabric store.  Mood is not cheap, but one can find some good buys and the fabrics were created by designers, so there will be some wool jersey that runs about $35.00 a yard.  I did find some chocolate brown jersey wool for $14.00 for a wrap dress pattern I brought a few months ago.

I think Mood Fabric is a great place to go for fabric, it has four floors of wall to wall fabric in the and one floor for trimming.  One could spend hours in Mood Fabrics shopping for fabric, and will also see all the up and coming designers from Parsons (not necessarily from Project Runway).  Toya mentioned a fabric store on her blog about a store called Spandex World (I think, but not sure) on 38th Street which Mood is located on 37th Street.  On Fashion Avenue there fabric, applique and trimming, and button stores.  There is also a store that sells fabrics from India and one can make wonderful tunics with the beautiful detailing.  I will have to dedicate one Saturday and just walk around Fashion Avenue to see what I can find.  Good night everybody.


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  1. Nothing beats fabric shopping…LOL!

    I’ve been to Mood Fabrics just so I can say I’ve been there. I did see Laura Bennett from Project Runway after I left Mood about a block away. I was disappointed at such high prices at Mood.

    I’ve gone to the fabric district dozens of times (I’m in Staten Island…about 20 minutes away) and have found other fabric and trims stores which offer a great selection, but also have great prices:

    A.K. Fabrics – 257 W 39th St
    Hamed Fabrics – 251 W 39th St
    Pacific Trimmings 218 W 38th St
    Ginsberg Trims 242 West 38th St (pricer, but an amazing selection)
    Zippers, Thread, etc.:
    Buttons, Buckles, D Rings, etc.:
    Galaxy 224 W 38th St

    Hey, do you want to meet up in the city for some fabric shopping after the holidays? Let me know!

    With friendship,

  2. I’m thrilled to find such a great resource for fabrics! I live in northern Virginia, but hubby and I have thought about taking the train to New York someday, and of course, I’m most interested in the fabrics to be found there. 😀

    Thanks for mentioning Mood Fabrics, Sheri, and thanks, Lisa, for the other great resources. 😀

    Happy Sewing!

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