Iron Shopping

Over a month, my iron have had for almost seven years just hit the dust.  I have another iron but do not like it because of struggle I have with the cord.  It is hard to pull out and it is hard to put in, so I ended this fight by purchasing another.  I purchased my first Rowenta which is a steam iron with a stainless steel bottom and is self-cleaning (I still see myself cleaning it). 

I did not initially intend to purchase an iron today, but was going to make a trip to the yarn shop for my baby knitting projects.  However, prior to going to the shop, I called to see if they accept American Express Gift Cheques which works the same way as American Express Traveler’s Cheques.  The person said they only accept cash or personal check, no credit cards.  I told her that they American Express Gift Cheques and she said that we do not accept them, but it is the same as an Travelers Cheque.  She did not understand that the gift cheques are the same as travelers cheques.  I think people should fathom the idea of customer relationships, and I am aware of the limitations of a small business.  What I find interesting is that if you order online, they accept credits, but not at the store.  Go figure.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a different day when I make a visit to Mood Fabrics in New York and shop for fabric.  I am looking for brown wool fabric because I have black, charcoal, and blue to complete my neutral mainstay pieces, and look at some knit fabric for a dress from Hot Patterns.  I might have enough to purchase white cotton fabric.


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  1. I have had two Rowenta irons and really enjoyed both of them. However, I have been disappointed that they didn’t last over 5 years because as much as they cost, they should last forever. Also, the irons that are manufactured in Germany are much better than those made in Mexico, and some of the Rowenta irons were being made in Mexico at one time. There were lots of complaints about those irons.

    Even though I loved my Rowenta irons, their customer service is terrible. I had an iron with the auto off feature and that was the first thing that broke, which caused problems with the iron heating properly. We had hoped to repair it, and e-mailed the service department at Rowenta. In fact, we e-mailed twice, and got no response. Their phone system was equally disappointing.

    Rowenta irons are good products–when the work–and in many ways, they are the best irons on the market, but be aware of some of the potential problems. (Some of the models also tend to leak a bit.)

    When my last Rowenta started having problems, I bought a $30 Conair digital steam iron. It’s pretty good, and has a lot of features that I like, but it doesn’t have the steam output of a Rowenta.

    I wish you much luck with this iron and I hope it lasts forever for you! 🙂

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