Oh Baby

I purchased these books today to make some baby items for some friends, but particuarly a co-worker who is having a baby in early April.  This means I have get into the process of which project to knit, and have done in time for her shower.  I have been thinking of just doing a blanket and wait until she has the baby so I will know if it is a boy or girl.  There are some  items I find adorable and of course they are for a little girl.  I am little weary as I heard some people who had trouble with Debbie Bliss’ instructions, so wish me well.

I received some American Express checks and my purchase will be FABRIC.  I do not have any knit fabric, so that will be a present for myself to get knit and possibly coating fabric for that coat pattern.  It will be my first coat just everything else I sew, the first of everything.  However, I think I am going to stick to dresses and skirts for the time being until I work my way up to the coat.  I am slowly, but surely building my stash and have to remember to get by tailor ham for ironing the seams.

Well, I finally am having a taste of winter.  Yesterday was really a windy day, so it felt like 12 degrees outside than 32 degrees.  Today was a better day as the wind finally ceased, and one can walk down the street without holding on to his or her hat.  Now, I have to get to my Christmas menu together today and glad that Prime Rib Roast is on sale for $4.99 a lb, I probably will get 3 or 4 pounds as it is enough to feed 6 to 8 people.  There is also the matter of my New Year’s resolution, what will I resolve to do next year.  I have not a glue, but going to think about it.  Good day.


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