Today, I am going to write about daydreaming because it is the one thing that some people still carry from their childhood. A formal definition of a daydream according to is a visionary creation of the imagination experienced while awake; especially : a gratifying reverie usually of wish fulfillment. This is a good definition and I would like to add one more word and that is creativity. I think some of my best creativity comes from daydreaming. Typical a person may think that daydreaming is being lazy and nonproductive, but I believe it is quite the opposite. Of course, there are times when I daydream because of boredom, but I am glad of the boredom as it brings me to another level of creativity and reduces the need to complain about being bored.

There are times when I daydream about traveling to other place in the world because it gives me pleasure, and the day is more pleasant. One of my favorite daydream is the Paris trip as I use my imagination to go on this massive shopping free (guilt-free shopping). Yes it’s the one time I do not feel guilty about spending $800. for a pair of shoes or $10,000 for a suit. The pleasure to spend as much as you would want on clothes in Paris is freeing in the daydream. Another daydream is owning a beach house in Rhode Island that is not bigger than 1800 sq. feet, and invite my closet friends enjoying their company.

There are periods when I am stuck on something that doesn’t seem to have a solution at the moment, I use daydreaming to find my creativity in finding a solution. Daydreams are little pockets of inspiration that are inside of your mind, and it is wonderful to go to that place as you never know what you can create. Daydreaming is secret place where I believe there is a little glimmer of divine. Tell me what you think. Do you daydream?


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  1. I really enjoy daydreaming while I walk to and from work each day (15-20 minutes), plus lunch-time walks around quiet, leafy streets that put on amazing shows of colour in Autumn. Daydreaming gives me time to plan activities at leisure, remember particular scenes from a favourite movie, work out a tricky issue in a demanding novel (very handy just before book group meetings) and, more recently, think of new things to write for next blog posts.:)

    It is also much more enjoyable than trying to deal with peak-hour
    traffic and then getting slugged with parking fees/fuel price hikes, or for me as a non-driver, finding that the ‘express’ bus services are overcrowded.

    ‘Molongloblogger’ in Canberra

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