Christmas in the Air

After many years, I finally went to see the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular Show featuring the Rockettes Friday evening.  Before attending the show, a friend of mine and me walked through all the department stores viewing their Holiday displays in which Macy’s being our first stop.  Theme of Macy’s window was the Miracle on 34th Street one side, and a whimsical display on the other.  The next stop was Lord and Taylor’s window with views of Christmas from around the world, and a touch of sophistication with white gowns dressed in some of the windows.  Then there is the display at Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s the Snowpeople theme.  Finally, we stop by to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and people skating.

I must admit that the Christmas Spectacular show is not my favorite thing, but many people including tourists love it.  Besides, we are need a little silliness during the holiday season to lighten up some of the sadness that exists in the world.  People need some constant and the Rockettes has been a mainstay in New York City for 75 years.  Although, I do find it somewhat annoying that there seems to be more ads posted in the Music Hall as the reality of sponsors want their advertising after paying a considerable amount of money, and that what keeps the show going advertisers.

I have to give a notable mention to Lisa Tutman Oglseby’s blog (  She posted a wonderful project she created using apples and you simply have to visit the blog to see it.  It is wonderful and great idea to decorate your home for the holiday season.  I have to say that I find her blog through Adrienne of Adrienne’s Little World ( who conducted an interview with Lisa.  If you have not heard the interview, I suggest you do including other interviews both through podcasts and written on the blog.  When I saw that holiday arrangement, I just said wow and read how that is not difficult to create, in addition, it is a different of decorating your home for the holidays.

Ever since starting to learn how to sew, I have come across so many interesting blogs and meeting some really creative people.  Whoever said that ordinary people do not live interesting lives or do interesting things?  Well I think whoever did said it was incorrect in his or her assessment.  One can learn many things talking with other people.  Have a good day everyone!


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  1. I quite agree that we need some silliness during the holiday season to lighten up a lot of sadness that exists–sometimes especially at this time of year, unfortunately.

    Also, I also agree that ordinary people can have extraordinary stories. I’ve always said that you could stop anyone on the street and ask them about their lives, and it would make a great movie. 🙂

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