Holiday Cooking and other things

Can you believe that Christmas is less than twenty days away?  We will be celebrating the holidays this month including attending all those office and private parties, and before it’s all over you weigh ten pounds before the hand strikes welcoming the New Year.  However, it seems worth at the time because you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends and it only once a year.  I will be no different than anyone else.  Tomorrow night, my department will be off to a hotel resort for our annual sales retreat with a cocktail hour and dinner.  The next morning is having breakfast, our meeting (need plenty of coffee for that), and ending the retreat with lunch.

Of course, I am thinking about my menu for Christmas dinner.  When growing up, my grandmother made the same dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, I have change that tradition by doing a different dinner for Christmas each year.  I made a goose last year, but want to make a prime rib because it is easy to roast it.  I am thinking about butternut squash and collard greens with onions, but I may change the side dishes.  I need to make something because I have to return to work the next day, so I am thinking about herb popovers, and haven’t decided what dessert to prepare, but may an after dinner drink like chocolate/mint martini.  Let me know what you think.


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  1. Your menu plans always sound interesting to me. We don’t eat beef at our house, but I’m sure the prime rib will be delicious. I already know that one of the things that I will preparing for Christmas dinner/lunch (we have our meal at midday) is that great cranberry sauce, using the recipe that you posted at Thanksgiving! 😀

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