It’s Wednesday

Today is beginning to feel more like winter with the temperature around 32.  Now some might think this is a little silly, but I brought a pair of boots a couple of months ago that finally fit around my calf.  I really do not understand why shoe designers do not make their high length boots bigger than 12in in diameter because I am not the only person the world how has large calves.  There are some women who run that huge calves because of the muscles, but it’s another peeve I have about what companies do not do for their consumers.  Anyway I did not wear the boot initially to work because they are leather with stretchable fabric thereby not having the need for a zipper (and they fit around my calves, Yea!), just pull up your legs and didn’t think the would hold to the snow.  Secondly, the three and half inch boots and it’s not conducive when walking down the streets of New York City. 

I am also thinking about something even while writing this blog.  I thought of a surprise for my co-worker.  It is safe to say that we are going to give her a baby shower, and I am going to make my first scrapbook as a gift.  I probably will do some sketching to see if it works and what I want to design it.  There are times when I think to myself that I can barely draw a straight line and have some design ideas in my head.  However, clothing designer Eileen Fisher didn’t know how to sew or anything about the fashion business. 

On knitting front, I have some yarn left from my last knitting project and thinking about making a hat to along with the scarf.  If I start that project tonight, I have something to take with me on our department’s annual sales retreat Thursday night, and should have a nice hat by the weekend.  I think that’s is one of that fastest things to knit is a hat.  It takes about two hours to finish and you are really to put on it and go outside.  A co-worker wore a hat the other day with a ribbon on the side and thought to myself that I could create something like and thought about crocheted and knitted flowers.  Then I thought about a sewing a plain skirt, but adding touches like felted flowers (flat, but with texture).  Boy I think my idea book is going to full before the week is out.  Ciao Everybody!


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  1. I know a lot of ladies with the calf issue when it comes to boots. I hear how they complain about it but I have small calves, so it’s not really an issue with me. Glad you found some boots that fit to your liking! What a wonderful gift idea!!! Scrapbooking is ADDICTIVE! LOL To me anyway! LOL

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