Snow All Gone

I wrote yesterday that it snowed in New Jersey, and today it has melted.  Well it only snowed an inch, but the temperature went from 32 degrees to 42 degrees when I woke up this morning only to find nothing left of the snow from the previous day.  I suppose the upside is that it isn’t cold, but very windy.

I wanted to write about a relatively new magazine that focuses on organization called “Organize Magazine” (  I brought the magazine last week as I am always looking for ways to better organize and make my life a little easier.  I mentioned to the magazine to Toy from Life Happens Be Positive blog (, and she could not find it her local Barnes & Noble bookstore which unfortunate that the chain doesn’t carry the magazine at every single store.  However, you can subscribe to the magazine at their website for $20.00 a year but I am unsure about the number of issue the magazine will print.

There is an article that caught my eye, the magazine interviewed the founder of “Creating Keepsakes” Magazine, Lisa Bernson.  One of the focal points of the story is how Lisa got her start.  The website only gives a preview of the article, but visit Lisa’s websites,,, and www.creatingkeepsakes.comfor more information.  Back to Organize Magazine, one of my favorite regulars in the issue is “Shoestring on a Budget” which the full article is on its website that gives you interesting ideas of how to organize without spending a great deal of money.  Actually, yesterday, I spent some time cleaning out some jars to use for buttons, ribbons, and other notions.  I am also thinking about sewing a knitting needle holder so that I can keep track of my needles.  I hope people give some baskets so that I can use them to place fabric straps and yarn.  It does not take very long before things get out of hand and the next thing you know you have everything everywhere and spend most of your time looking for a pair of scissors than on your project.  The current issue of Organize has great ideas about simplifying the holiday season and we all could use less stress doing that time of the year.  Well I think that’s all for now.  Blog you later!


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  1. I picked this issue up the other day. It is really good. I loved the first issue this summer. One thing I do to stay organized is label EVERYTHING. I have my containers labled, my shelves labled, jars..etc. It works for me!! LOL

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