A Little Snow

It’s Sunday and I experienced the first snow of the fall.  Although, I think the news take things out of portion by calling this the snow storm of the season as it only snowed an inch.  I suppose schools were be delayed tomorrow unless the snow somehow melts between now and into the night.  Of course, when it snows just as it rains, you really don’t want to do anything even when you probably have a million other things to do, but somehow you end up ordering pizza or eat some that leftover pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Yesterday, I intended to see the move “This Christmas”, but didn’t quite make out of the door because of things that pre-occupied my time just as reading a book I started the other day.  I was thinking about my next project and that knitted skirt is still on my plate to knit and a top from Interweave Knits from the winter issue.  Then, there was a the little thing called laundry and hand-washed a couple of sweaters and skirt.  I finally made it to the movies Sunday, and of course I went when it stopped.

I thought “This Christmas” was an enjoyable movie to watch and nicely acted.  I think it’s interesting that the complexity of a large family doesn’t suddenly become all nice just because it’s Christmas.  The movie as an African-American cast, but any family in the United States can relate to the characters.  I thought Chris Brown’s renditions of “This Christmas and Try A Little Tenderness” was just beautiful and an opportunity show off his singing skills.  I think “This Christmas” is worth seeing.

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