What’s Happening Friday

Friday has finally arrived and the a little cold weather in New Jersey.  We are expecting some rain/sleet/rain on Sunday which means going out on Saturday to run errands and perhaps getting in a movie.  This Christmas is playing in theaters and it’s nice to see one new Christmas movie, although I have to say one of my favorite movies about the holiday is “A Christmas Story with Darren McGavin and Peter Billingsley.  It is one of the funniest stories about a little boy’s repeated requests for a Red Ryder B-B gun, and it’s a story that does not have a perfect Christmas which makes really human.  If you have never seen it, TBS will air the movie all the month of December or just rent it.  I am going to attempt to get some sewing done this weekend and finish up a project, and get some reading in as well. I am currently reading the book Exposed in which 

I mentioned in my blog earlier this week, and probably will finish it as it is not a long book, however, the book is eye-opening.  Of course, I tend to get in some fiction by finishing The Jane Austen Book Club that started over a month ago and haven’t completed it yet.  I haven’t started any knitting projects, but have yarn where I could make a few more scarves.I went the theater last night at Lincoln Theater which is an amazing performance venue to see Phylicia Rashad in Cymbeline.  I though the play was good, but better in the second act whcih happened to be longer than first which is unusual for a play.  However, I am talking about Shakespeare and his plays are generally long. 

Some of you my know, that I am beginner sewer and admit that I do not have a serger just yet.  Hopefully I will able to purchase one in the near future as I want to sew up some knit dresses and pieces to give it a more finished look to the garment.  There are times when I ask myself to serge or not to serge.  Some sewers say you do not need a serger, but others believe it is a necessity and I am still on the fence.  I was thinking about purchasing a used serger, but it is just a mere thought and will make a decision in the next couple of months.  Well Ithink that is what on my mind at the moment.  Have a good weekend everyone!


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  1. Sergers can be great things and really cut down on sewing time, but they are more difficult to master than a regular sewing machine. If you have a zigzag stitch or an overedge stitch on your sewing machine, you can get away with finishing seams that way for a while until you decide about purchasing a serger.

    This is just like buying a sewing machine; you have to find the right serger for you and your sewing/serging needs. I have a Husqvarna/Viking serger and love it! I have a Janome Memory Craft 10000 sewing/embroidery machine and really love that as well!

    Happy Sewing! 🙂

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