The Compliment

While leaving for the weekend from my office, I ran into to a guy at work at the elevator. He paid me a compliment on my scarf. He told me it was a nice scarf and asked where I got it. I told him that I made it myself, and he replied yes I figure that you did because it doesn’t look at anything you would buy from the store. He started to ask me what made me get into knitting, and I said I want to learn how to knit from a child so finally learned how a few years ago. He said I bet you knit on the train, and I responded by saying whenever I have elbow room. He mentioned something about knitting and how it seemed a little exhibitionist by saying to the world that you can make your own clothes. And I told it is probably no different than reading on train, and he responded by saying yes telling the world you are reading War and Peace.

That conversation lead me to think about a lot of knitters like to knit on the go, and is there a little truth about what the guy said about being an exhibitionist knitter. I certainly can’t speak for the knitting population, but the reason why I knit on the train is simply to finish my project as quickly as possible. Of course, there is some truth about showing the world that I know how to knit. That sense of independence in saying to the world that I have possess a skill and it gives me power in a sense. There is a certain sense of pride in showing your work. When I am out in public and if I am carrying my knitting, I am going to knit to pass some time, but I do the same time with reading. Reading is a solitary activity because it means that you really do not want to speak to anyone, and want to become involved in the story you are reading at the time. Knitting does not necessarily mean I want to be alone, but want something to do while commuting to and from work.How do you show the world what you can do?


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  1. that’s exactly how I feel about my sewing (handwork of course…LOL) in public. Although I am usually trying to finish handsewn details when I’m on the go or waiting at a doctor’s appointment, I do enjoy the questions from others.

    People are always curious and complimentary. It gives me a self-esteem boost on a crazy day…KWIM?

    With friendship,

  2. I don’t knit, but I have often taken sewing projects to doctor’s appointments with me. These are hand work sewing projects; hemming a sleeve or skirt–something that is portable. And like you, I simply carried the project along in order to pass the time while waiting and also to finish the project more quickly so that I could move on to my next sewing project. 🙂

    And yes, I think I enjoy questions from others when I’m working on a sewing project in public. 😀

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