Time for a Little Laundering

With all my new hobbies of knitting and sewing, I wondered how I am going to keep all my articles of clothing and accessories clean.  As you might know, I am a magazine hound (another side hobby) and everything from Business Week to Real Simple.  Real Simple gives some great advice about simplifiing your life, and introduce some great products to use.  Getting back to my laundering issue, Real Simple wrote a small tip bit about this company called The Laundress.  It is an online company created by two women created a line of luxury fabric care specialty detergent line.  The line includes cashmere/wool shampoo, delicates, whites, darks, stain remover, and fabric refreshener.  The line also has a detergent for baby clothes and denim.  I am going to warn you that products are pricey, but worth it as they smell great and does a wonderful job in cleaning your fabric which means longer wear. 

I ordered from The Laundress sample kit that comes with six best-selling formulas from The Laundress; 2 oz. Whites Detergent, Darks Detergent, Delicate Wash, Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Stain Solution and Classic Fabric Fresh. They come in a black and white zippered pouch along with our Laundress Recipe Card.  The products are organic and biodegradable which means you will be helping the environment.  I tried the whites and darks detergent and thought was great, and the smell is wonderful, people will think it’s prefume.  I encourage anyone to visit www.thelaundress.com to browse and see if anything interests you.  I recommend to try the sample kit to see which products are probably more useful to you before committing to the larger size bottles.

Now for the my regular laundry, I use Arm and Hammer detergent and 20 Team Mule Laundry Booster because the water where I live is hard which is also better for the environment  In addition, 20 Team is an all-purpose cleaner that is also good with cleaning things like bone china, refrigators, bathrooms, garage pails, etc.  I am thinking about making my own cleaners for the house than purchasing all the commercial brands that take its toll on my skin and breathing (have asthma).

Well, I guess those my little tipbits for the day.  Enjoy Everyone!

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