Out of Thanksgiving Coma

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great and that you didn’t eat yourself into coma.  Cooking for Thanksgiving can be ebullient and tiring at the same time.  You do no notice that you are tire while spending a good part of that day cooking and putting finishing touches on your fabulous meal, but it hits you later after washing and putting away that last dish, you sit down and realize how tired you were when it’s all over.  However, you look forward to the next holiday.

This time of year comes with holiday parties and celebrating four holidays with Thanksigving kicking off.  Everyone will be in holiday mode.  In fact, Christmas decorations were on display in several towns before Thanksgiving and some radio station began playing holiday music two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Personally, I can wait to play my Charlie Brown’s Christmas soundtrack next week because I needed to get through Thanksgiving first.  I do not decorate my house for the holidays because I live alone, but I will make the trip to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and walk down Fifth Avenue as New York City is beautiful this time of year.  I also have this wish that it snows around the holidays because I really have seen snow in a couple of years and it would nice.

Now on the creative front, I have a some projects in the works and need to organize my time to get them done.  I have scarf that is almost completed and need to start another one.  The muslins I created can now become the real project to sew.  Getting things done will be a slow process due to the holidays and preparing meals in between that time.  I may have to edit myself and be realistic about what I do get done in a certain amount of time.  I am still looking for fabric for my dress which I still haven’t seen anything that catches my eye, and reverting to black is not what I want to do.  I want to find a fabric with an expansive array of color, now I probably will end up with making three or four dress that are black, lol.

4 responses

  1. I agree…all that preparation and cooking is exhausting…that’s why I try not to do it…LOL!

    Yes, NYC is beautiful during the Christmas holiday! I always go into the city a week before xmas to see the tree…the whole city is magnificent! But I could do without the snow…it makes driving miserable!

    Rest up and enjoy the weekend!

    With friendship,

  2. I also made the cranberry sauce from your recipe and it was a big hit at my house, too! 😀 In fact, my husband told me that I now have to make the fresh cranberry sauce every holiday–no more of that nasty canned stuff! 😉 I usually don’t like cranberry sauce, but this was really good and very easy to prepare, so thank you very much. 😀

    I don’t really like the cold or the snow, but I don’t mind seeing a few snowflakes around December 24 and 25–then the temps need to go back to the 80’s again. 😉

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