Gobble, Gobble Everybody!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I know that some of you are preparing tomorrow’s feast.  I thought I would never get out of work on time today because I too have a date with Tom the Turkey.  Last night, I put my bird in a brine solution to soak, today I am making some desserts and candied yams.  What I can prepare today means doing less tomorrow.  Of course in between the cooking and washing dishes, I am going to get some knitting before bed, then it’s getting up around six in the morning to wash the bird, season, and place into the oven by 8:00 am.  I am debating on to stuff or not stuff the turkey because my father wanted to get a 17 lb bird for four people (which means turkey pot pie next week).

I do everything possible to make the easiest recipes that taste wonderful and not out of a can.  Can someone explain green bean casserole to me because from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look very tasty, however, I digress.  At any rate, I hope everyone enjoy the day tomorrow even if means putting up with one relative you cannot stand.  Just look at from this perspective, you will only have to see him or her tomorrow and probably will not see the person until next year.  I’m kidding, lol.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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