Aprons on my Mind

Throughout the course of the day, aprons has come across my path a few times.  I always thought having an apron, but believe they were outdated.  However, aprons are practical in the kitchen and working on crafts.  Mimi from Domestic Haven made a great apron that she posted on her log today.  I heard Adrienne speaking with Deepika today on Conversations with Adrienne podcast, and Deepika talked about the first sewing project she made was an apron that she continues to wear.  At this point, I am sold on having an apron.

I do have a few ideas about the kinds of aprons I want to make, and yes I definitely a few kitchen aprons, and a couple of crafty aprons.  The thought also occurred to me to knit a cotton apron.  Yes a knitted apron with a crochet trim and a couple of pockets.  This is another reason why I decided to crochet, knit, and sew, I am in need of kitchen towels, oven mittens, and dish cloths, and it’s easier for me to make what represents my personality and allow my creativity to come out.  I could do a variation of the apron in the winter issue of Adorn Magazine and try some fabric painting and create my own design (attempt anyway, I draw stick people).

I like to thank the people I mentioned in the blog inspiring me to think about making an apron for myself.  Sometimes we are need a little nudge every now and again to spark our creativity.

4 responses

  1. I agree with Adrienne about inspiration! You inspired me to try making my own cranberry sauce for the first time, too!

    Aprons can be lots of fun to make, and I think your idea of knitting one is very unique, and I’ll be interested to see all the finished projects. 😉

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