Next Stop, Knits

I tend to do a significant amount of thinking as I am sure everyone does. As I wrote a couple of days about my muslin for the pants from the Simplicity pattern. In addition to noticing that I should lengthen the pants because the petite length is too short (I’m 5’4″), and would like to wear with heels. My original plan was use a lightweight wool, but thought about and decided today that it would be better to use a knit with some stretch. A mid-weight knit that I can wear during the fall and winter months, and there is the idea of using twill with stretch which will probably work and is a suggested fabric to use.

I have not yet worked with knits, but have some patterns in my stash that call for that fabric. This is a personal preference, but I like wearing knit during the fall and winter months as it is comfortable and easy to care by hand washing or a gentle wash. I like to wear these pieces for work, weekends, and going out (I can dress it up). I love wearing tweeds and wools, but it requires more care than knits (I like washable knits too).

With my planning with sewing dresses, jackets, pants, and skirts, I need to think about tops to wear as well. I do not have enough tops and that means looking at some patterns of some knits to purchase. I do intend to make shell tops because they are great to wear under jackets and sweaters. Well I suppose that is all I have today, but I certainly will take any advice or suggestions you may have. You can also tell me how you feel about working and wearing knits. Cheers!

3 responses

  1. I LOVE knits!!! I think they are my favorite to work with. I just got a twin needle and can’t wait until I can use it. Instead of just serging and then doing a blind hem (which, in MY opinion, looks better than a narrow hem on a knit)you just serge the edge and sew it with the twin needle for the hem… it looks like a coverstitch machine made it. Can’t wait! Good luck!

  2. I like to wear knits, but I don’t really enjoy sewing with them. When I first sewed with knits, I used a ball point sewing machine needle, but later I switched to a 75/11 HS (Shmetz brand) needle, which is a needle designed for sewing with knits that have stretch. The only knit that I work with now (and that’s only once in a while) is fleece. I still prefer to sew with a more stable 100% cotton fabric. 🙂

  3. I can understand about working with a fabric with stability. I would like to one day sew a silk charmeuse blouse, and aware that fabric is difficult to work with. I probably will have to greatly improve my skill to work with that type of fabric so cross your fingers.

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