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I am now into my three-day weekend off. I did not do very much over the weekend, but managed to see “Why Did I Get Married” on Saturday, work on my scarf, and put a muslin together for a pair of pants. It is a very good thing that I created the muslin because it calls for a could of adjustments with the length (a little longer), and just add an 1/2 inch to the waist, and it should do the trick.

I finally received my patterns from Butterick and want to get started with doing the tunic from pattern number 5100, and make a diaper bag for a co-worker at work who’s having a baby. The creative idea is to make a couple of diaper bags and use them as center pieces for the shower. I can put things in the bags like cloth diapers (hey, you can use a couple just in case), baby wipes, glass bottles, lotion, powder, etc. I think it’s different than doing a gift basket and one can get more use from two diaper bags than the basket.

With the arrival of the holidays coming, it can be so hectic. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday? I have yet to write out my shopping list as I am still thinking about what I am preparing. Of course, the turkey will be the main event, but still haven’t decided on the side dishes and dessert. I was thinking about preparing a cranberry pear oatmeal crumble and potato sour cream biscuits. I think these will be nice and easy to prepare and tasty along with preparing cranberry sauce. Yes I do prepare my own cranberry sauce and it is very simple with a cup of water, sugar, and a bag of cranberries. I usually do a variation by adding an apple or orange to the sauce, and the dish can be made a few days before the dinner as you will need to allow cranberry sauce to chill and jell together. My father always wants yellow turnips with his dinner, so I will make a batch of that to keep him happy and my sanity will remain in tact. I shall write out my dinner menu by tomorrow night.

Now I am going to do a review of my movie I saw on Saturday “Why Did I Get Married.” I thought it was Tyler Perry’s most adult and mature movie to date. Upon watching the problems of the couples unfold, I thought that a couple of marriages could have ended and one does because of the obvious reason that the marriage between Mike and Sheila . You really don’t know what Mike really marries Shelia although she seemingly loves him and put more than 100% into the marriage and he gave her nothing in return. Actually he does give her something, his contempt and ridicule. Mike is the least mature person in the movie, and doesn’t understand what it takes to make a marriage work. Shelia stays in the marriage for the wrong reasons as it did not matter to Mike what she could have done to change herself (by losing weight), he did not appreciate or love her. I thought the movie brought out the point of the importance of honesty with your spouse. I think have become more of an opponent of discussing any concerns you may before getting married because at least you know where you stand, and a person can make a choice to accept or or not. I thought it was a little disconcerting that Diane who did not want children got her tubes tied without her husband’s knowledge knowing that he wanted more children (he gets a DNA test on their daughter without her knowledge). Perhaps intellectually and legally she does have the right to do whatever she wants with her body, but sometimes being right may not the best thing for a marriage, and she should have been honest enough to discuss with her husband that she did not want to have four children (actually it should have been discussed before walking down the aisle) . I think this movie is good in knowing what happens when you are not honest within a relationship, and it gives one a great to think about what kind of marriage you want and willing to live with.

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