Color and Inspiration

I wrote a blog a couple of days mentioned inspiration, and Adrienne so kindly responded with a comment stating that inspiration is everywhere.  She is absolutely right about that inspiration being everywhere and there are times when I get inspired in the middle of working on a project.  However, some of my inspiration comes from taking walks.  I have created stories to write while walking from the train station to work, or during lunchtime spending that time at the bookstore.   Inspiration came to me yesterday while taking photographs of my current knitting and sewing project and realized how the colors from the scarf I am knitting coordinated with the tweed skirt.

Now here is some background history about my wardrobe.  The current wardrobe consists primarily of black, gray and some brown.  Every now and again I have some color like a red cardigan and a pink sweater, but more than 70% of my clothing is black.  My mostly black wardrobe is a product of me working in New York City, and just about every woman in the City wears black (with the exception of the Sex in the City girls).  Black is the easy go to color as it goes with everything and seemingly slimming, but wearing too much black can be drab.

When I made the decision to start sewing my own clothes to build a wardrobe, I purchased fabric and again the majority of the fabric is in black, gray, and blue with the few exceptions of buying red cotton twill, the wool tweed from the previous post, my printed pj bottoms.  I thought to myself that I am doing it again gravitating toward the go to dark colors.  So now I need to add splashes of color in my wardrobe.  I actually hate wearing one color from head to toe that includes a print, and have to consider my problems areas that I do not necessary want to show.  I was in need of serious inspiration, so magazines became my inspiration to find color.  And thought to myself how much I really like wearing silk blouses because they are so feminine, and what a great idea to add color like reds, purples, greens, and certain blues.  I decided to create a color chart of fabric and yarn as a way to incorporate more color.  Mimi from the Domestic Haven blog suggested organizing fabric swatches to take to the store and coordinate with fabric you might purchase.  I thought it was a great idea, and in a way it could use a color chart.  You can pull the color from existing fabric swatches.

There are certain places where I can find inspiration and it sometimes take on a trip to the museum, particularly the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).  They are great places of inspiration from Ancient Egypt or Greece to modern art.  Music gives me a lot of inspiration although it does not provide a visual, but you can create something in your mind’s eye like dreaming about a meadow or seeing an explosion of color.  At this moment, I am getting inspired with finishing my scarf to see the color pattern of the yarn.  Until we meet again, happy inspiration!

2 responses

  1. Great post! Splashes of color are awesome! I am total opposite of you lol I love color and hardly ever wear black, and when I do, I have on a color top lol. And you are right, silk is very feminine and a wonderful way to add that little splash of color! I’ll have to take a pic of my swatch ring, I am so glad I did that. Now when I go fabric shopping, it will be easy to pick something to match what I already have!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post about inspiration.

    I also love color, but my wardrobe tends to be black, gray, and white, with a few blues and rust tones thrown in. A few years ago when I was doing more sewing for myself, I added splashes of color by sewing scarves out of either polyester or georgette. Since you like silk so much, you could sew some scarves in varying lengths out of silk. This requires no pattern, really, just decide how wide and how long you want the scarves to be, cut out the fabric, and sew it up like a pillowcase, leaving a place to turn it inside out. Then slip stitch the opening closed and press well. You could embellish the scarves if you liked or not. And since you also knit scarves, you could add splashes of color to a lot of your garments, and by mixing up the sewn scarves with the knitted ones, you could also have looks with just one black dress. 🙂

    Happy Sewing! 🙂

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