Another Scarf, Perhaps More!

Yes, I started knitting another scarf last night. However, I decided it was time to different type of knit stitch. A double seed stitch or sometimes called double moss. It’s a really simple pattern with row 1 and 2, knit 2, purl 2 across the row, and row 3 and 4, purl 2 and knit 2. The double seed stitch is reversible with a nice drape, and is coming out really nice in my scarf. I am using the Patons SWS yarn that I purchased last week on my fabric store trip, the yarn has this nice stripe and getting a good strip pattern as well. I like using multi-color yarns as it does say me from changing colors by adding different color yarns. It’s not difficult to change to another color, but it’s a pain weaving the tails after finishing the project.

I took these photos of my progress of my scarf and tweed skirt.  I probably will finish the skirt on the weekend as it is not as stressful in addition to more time to work on it.  It is a matter sewing the seams, put in the elastic waistband, and small hem.  I think my fabric  cutting is improving (because I really like to take my time and cut as nicely as possible).  It was a good idea to cut out a muslin piece first because there was only one pattern to cut the skirt and the instructions called for a single thickness cut.  So when it came time to cut the real fabric, I had two pattern pieces to pin than just one.  While taking these photos, I realized that the scarf coordinates well with the skirt.  The yarn has purple and thought to myself that the color would coordinate well.  Is there a purple silk blouse or purple sweater on my list to sew and knit respectively?  It is amazing how the mind works sometimes, I purchase the yarn without coordinating with the tweed.  I definitely I am going to make a hat with the reminder of the tweed fabric.  I can see myself with my driving cap with the skirt (I don’t own a car, lol).





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