It’s Monday

I finally made the trip to the fabric store after work today to exchange the knitting needles and purchase sewing machine needles to finish my skirt, although when finally getting home, I did not feel like doing it.  It’s difficult coming home from work with the desire to work on my knitting and sewing.  In fact, it’s usually the reason why I do my sewing projects on the weekends, and knitting I do just about anywhere such commuting to and from work (whenever I have some elbow room).  What I that said, while walking to the train to come home, I forgot to get some bobbins for the sewing machine (can never enough bobbins) and just couldn’t go back.

I am going to admit to purchasing two more patterns from Simplicity this past weekend.  One is a wardrobe coordinates patterns that I could make a pants, skirt, and t-shirt from knit fabric.  I need knits in my wardrobe for after work and weekend wear.  In fact, I can considered the pattern (New Look 6762) the alternative sweat suit. This reminds me while writing the previous sentence that I am going to need needles for knits.  I haven’t worked with knits yet, but the pattern seems like a good introduction to work with the fabric.  The other pattern (Simplicity 3566) which I think is a great wardrobe because it has a dress, jacket, skirt, pants, and top to coordinate with other pieces in the wardrobe.  I want to sew all of the pieces to this pattern and I want to do the pants in a light weight tweed (I like tweed).  I also get excited about color like finding purple fabric to make the dress or skirt, or a brown tweed for the pants and skirts (brown and purple goes together).  The patterns just gives me so many ideas and interruptions.  Perhaps it was a good idea to write a blog entry tonight to get me inspired and invigorated for the rest of the week. What gets you inspired?

2 responses

  1. Glad you made it back to the fabric store. Girl inspiration is everywhere. TOday I re-organized my sewing stuff in hopes that it would give me my sewing mojo….instead now I don’t want tomess up my room, so I’m knitting. I spent too much time on Ravelry today and now I have added more stuff to my “I want to knit list” LOL

  2. I’m glad you made it to the fabric store and are getting inspired. It sounds like you have a great plan and will have a great wardrobe that will fit you well and be well made. 🙂

    I don’t much inspiration to sew because I love it so much. Just seeing a cute pattern is all the inspiration I need. 😉

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