Catching Up to Time and Other Moments

Upon waking up this morning, something feel a little off to me.  Although I woke up during daylight, it still felt very early to me and the realization hit that I forgot to turn back the clocks prior to going to bed (not use to standard time occurring in November).  It was only 6:25 am with one clock reflecting the correct time (my cable box), so simply got out of bed and turned all of my clocks back (went back to bed as well).  A typical Sunday for me is really staying around the house, cooking, and just relaxing.  However, I did manage to pinned another muslin project for a pair of pants.  I think pinning and cutting pants patterns are probably one of the easiest thing for me to do.  Actually I am using a Simplicity pattern and find using those patterns are easiest for me considering I am neophyte to the sewing world.  This is the first pattern that I am putting in darts and a zipper.  All I really need to do is just take my time and everything should fine.  However, I am going to need to put a lining for the fabric I am using to make the pants (wool flannel).

Now I may be creating more work for myself, but it’s important to me have my fall/winter apparel lined.  I do not know if anyone has noticed, but clothes in the department stores are not lined.  I brought a pair of Ellen Tracy wool gabardine without a lining.  Now a person would think that a pair of pants with a $250.00 price tag should have a lining (I only paid $50.00), but no because it’s a way for designers to find shortcut in order to save money for the company.  I think quality suffers in the process, but what do I know for I am just a mere consumer who’s spending her money.  That’s enough of venting for the day.

I haven’t really knitted anything this weekend and still trying to figure out what knit stitches to use for my new scarf.  I am differently knitting another long scarf. but want to do an interesting knitting pattern that will look nice with the yarn.  Maybe a simple lace pattern, I can search on knitting pattern central to find a pattern that is simple and quick to knit.  I still  haven’t purchased any yarn for my knitted skirt project, but promised myself that I am going to knit a skirt.  I hope I am not suffering from knitting and sewing overload, but there could other things that are worst.


2 responses

  1. I think that you are a very wise consumer. 😉 Lining the garments that you are sewing for your wardrobe will help them last longer, so I think you’re on the right track there.

    I don’t think there is such a thing as sewing or knitting overload! 😉 LOL

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