OOPS! And Other Weekend Happenings

Yesterday, I wrote in my blog about going to the fabric store and purchasing more than intended.  While on my commute home from work, I came to the realization of already having size 9 circular needles in both 24″ and 29″.  I came home and checked my sewing box and there they were (I just used them to knit my niece’s poncho), and thought to myself that I am losing my mind.  This is what happens when you get older, you must write everything down because other things will enter your mind and forget previous thoughts.

Of course this means another trip the fabric store to exchange the needles for another size or another item in the store at an equivalent price.  This means invoking self-control by walking into the store with the plan of exchanging the needles and leaving within a ten-minute time period.  As for my weekend, I should have my skirt completed and start the process of cutting out my pants and another skirt.  It is my intention to start making some holiday gifts for family members (They are getting scarves, lol), and knit myself a skirt from the fall issue of Interweave (but it probably I will start it after the holidays).

There is some much to do between now and New Year’s.  Thanksgiving is coming in less than 20 days and that means creating a menu (yes turkey is part of the entree).  However, I usually get a small turkey because only six people are coming to the house, but I am not sure about making a sweet potato pie for dessert.  Cooking Light has a nice Pear-Cranberry Pie with Oatmeal Streusel that’s easy to prepare, and still in keeping the holidays by using ingredients that is in season (no one should be making summer desserts in the fall/winter unless they live in the tropics, lol).

Anyway, I wish everyone a wonderful and productive weekend!


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