Pattern Fiend

I am becoming a self-proclaim pattern fiend.  From the time decising to learn how to sew, I have been purchasing patterns.  Although, I have not gone to the fabric store, I use online to get them because it’s cheaper to purchase them online than retail.  My first purchase of sewing pattern was from a website, where there are hundreds of dozens patterns including Burda Style, Butterick, and Kwik.  The patterns are usually discounted from 20% to 50% which does save some money and paying full price at retail stores.  People talk their pattern stash, but I have a pattern stash of more than 30 patterns (easy and very easy).  I registered for Butterick, McCall, Simplicity, and Vogue Patterns newsletters whenever they have a sell, I go onto the the site and order for one-third of the orginal price, and the reason for having more than 30 patterns.

I decided not to purchase anymore patterns, but it two weeks ago Butterick had patterns for $4.99 and ended up ordering two.  In the process of ordering patterns, I decided to sew clothes with a plan and created a poster of photos cut out from magazines as my inspiration of the type of wardrobe to sew and use patterns that closely represent the poster.   Tonight, I will go home and organize my patterns in the order of sewing.  I need to complete the two projects from this past weekend, and do a couple of muslin pieces for a pair of pants and skirt from a Simplicity pattern that should be easy after practicing sewing in a zipper.  Tomorrow, I need to make a trip to the fabric during my lunch hour and purchase a couple of zippers and lining becaus the fabric is wool and don’t want it rubbing up against my skin when done.


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  1. I don’t know if you have a JoAnn’s or Hancock’s near you, but if you watch their sales, they often have patterns on sale for 99 cents each, or sometimes $1.99 each. This includes, Butterick, McCall’s, and Simplicity. Most of the stores will have a 5 or 10 pattern limit at that price. The one exception to this is Vogue. Their patterns are more expensive, but I do think they go on sale for as much as 75% off sometimes.

    Also, both fabric stores often send out 40% and 50% discount coupons so watch for these sales as well. 🙂 This may be a better deal than you can get online. If you get the flyers or e-mails from these two stores, you will be alerted to sales–and they tend to have lots of them! :d

  2. I’m a “recovering” pattern fiend. I used to have more patterns than I could ever use. Now I sew mainly from Burda World of Fashion and I rarely buy patterns anymore. I put the energy I once spent buying patterns into maintaining a growing collection of BWOFs.

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