My Weekend

Actually this entry would have more suitable to write yesterday, but became so enthralled with doing muslin(s) that writing my weekend became secondary.  Anyway, I went to see Dionne Warick in concert Friday and it was a good concert.  Of course, she sang all of her hits and talked about her life.  There was one story she told about Marlene Dietrich meeting her at airport in Paris for a concert, and got her first lesson in couture.

Saturday was a bigger night than Friday.  I went to a welcome home dinner party for a couple who sent to Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) for ten days.  They spent three days volunteering at a school for orphans.  They took a lot of photographs and had videos of their trip and it seem like such an experience.  Many of the children didn’t have shoes and walk for miles to attend school.  They are for the most part destitute with limited resources of water, and have one meal per day.  The children carry containers for their food and need to keep up with them because they have nothing to put in their food.  The couple said it was really an emotional experience and probably one they will not forget.

After being out for two straight evenings, I decided to stay on Sunday and finally get started on some sewing projects.  Which are the muslins I talked about yesterday with some good results.  My jacket should come out well and probably pratice on putting on the collar tonight since it will be my first collar.  I thought about doing the jacket in wool for the fall/winter, and a cotton twill for the spring/summer.  I am thinking about doing a muslin for a pair of trousers to make into demin once I see if there are any adjustments to make in the hip/thigh and crotch area.  I think pants are tricky particular when you are 5’4″ like me and need to make adjustments in the length, but the crotch isn’t right.  I probably do some reading tonight as well for putting on a collar, and a zipper.  I think the best instructions I read thus for installing a zipper is in So What Skirts, the instruction seem clear to me and have another option of taping the zipper in the place.  I don’t know, I just read those instructions and the light bulb turned on in my head.  Another book that gave me in clear instructions on a french seam was in Simple Sewing with a French Twist.  I didn’t purchase the book, but read the instruction for french seams and again a light came on in my head.

Well, I am on my way off to the book store for my lunch hour at work.  I actually am very brazen to write my blog during work hours, but I have some down time.  Hope to write soon and have a good day.


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  1. I actually feel like I am getting things accomplished because as Belinda stated in her comment, by doing the muslin pieces actually does save time because once I get to doing the fabric will take less time (however, I do like to take my time with projects).

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