Day of Muslins

I was out for almost the entire weekend, and finally decided to stay home Sunday to work on a couple of muslin pieces.  It’s getting a little chilly in New Jeresy and thought it was time to start on a jacket from a Butterick pattern (B4865, pattern D) which I think is an easy project for me to complete.  The size went a 22 and I did the muslin to make sure it fit before going on to make the real version.

My other muslin piece is from McCall’s (M5555, pattern A), and the dress came out well.  My only thing is that I have not found fabric yet that excites, and decided to make a pair of pants as another outfit option.  It’s the kind of dress that you could wear alone or with pants.  Both projects will be my first in sewing a dress and jacket.  Yes I am embarking on new territory, installing a zipper.  I know that this is easy for some people, but it’s a big step and so is adding a collar for the jacket.

I realize that it does take time to make muslin, but I use the process for practice because I am beginner and am not taking sewing lessons.  Making muslins get into the improving my sewing skills, it’s probably time-consuming, but necessary for success.  The thought did run across my mind that I have tendency doing something worth while and doing things as best as possible.


4 responses

  1. It is well worth your time to make a muslin. All of the hard work you do on the muslin–tweaking the fit, and learning how to sew the pattern, will definitely pay off when you start to sew the fashion fabric. Your sewing time will go more smoothly; you will have already conquered the learning curve of a new pattern(the first time sewing a new pattern is always the hardest), and because you will have most of the hard work out of the way, the garment should be completed more quickly (not by rushing through it of course!).

    I think you are a very smart beginning seamstress. 🙂

  2. Thanks Adrienne and Belinda

    Adrienne, I have a coat pattern from Simplicity from the K. Ali collection that looks easy to make because it doesn’t have buttons, but will do a muslin for that as well just to make sure I have the collar and sleeves done correctly.

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