What’s Happening on Friday

Today is Friday, I look forward to the weekend.  I am going to a Dionne Warrick concert today and a dinner party tomorrow night.  Which means I will not get much sewing done this weekend.  The dinner party should be good, I am seeing a couple that spent 10 days in Africa who are going to take about their trip and show their photographs.  It’s always a good to get together with friends for dinner to see what is happening in their lives.

I am looking for pearl buttons for the my cashmere cardigan sweaters to replace the ones that keep falling off.  Of course, I did have four extra buttons upon purchasing these sweaters, but the original sewn on buttons popped off and ended using the extra buttons.  So next week, I am going to walk to the fabric store not far from my place of employment and hopefully find more little buttons to make the existing ones.  This is my wardrobe malfunction of the week.

Everyday I receive an email from Ideal Bite which gives daily tips about being green with recycling and using sustainable materials.  Today I receive one about knitting entitled Next Gen Knitting with information about using organic and sustainable yarns.  Here is the link, http://www.idealbite.com/tiplibrary/today.  The article talks about recycling yarn, perhaps there an old sweater you no longer like, just unravel it and create a new one.   In addition, the article also provides links to purchase organic yarn and bamboo which is the new trend of sustainable materials.  I decided to do a search for bamboo fabric as Threads Magazine printed an article in its October’s issue and found www.bambootextilestore.com.  It doesn’t have many color options, but it’s jersey knit for $10.00 a yard and free shipping for orders over $25.00.  Another website mentioned in the article is Near Sea Naturals that offers organic wool, the merino wool worsted weight sells for $17.38 skein for yards which a person could make a very long scraf, sweaters, and, shawls.  It does cost a little more than the average skein, but no chemicals or soaps harmful to the environment.  However, Vickie Howell has a line of yarn made from soy that is less costly.  I think it’s always good to try new products and compare them to what you traditionally use.

This is completely unrelated, but I haven’t written in my creative journal in several weeks since doing some significant writing on my blog.  However, a thought for a story to came to mind and wrote a little synopsis last night.  I like to write stories that I generally don’t read in books or see in films.  Hopefully, I will finally start and finish my story in this lifetime.  Have a good weekend everyone!


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