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As I was leaving my apartment for work this morning, I picked up two books to take with me for some reading.  One is Sew What Skirts, and the other is High Fashion Sewing Secrets.  Not exactly turn paging novels to read on my train commute, but it’s a way to learn more about sewing.  I am waiting for my Vogue Sewing book to be delivered along with three other knitting books (serious book fiend).

 When I decided to start sewing back in June, I did some Internet researching and came across which I found very informative, and magazines such as Threads Magazine, Sew Simple, Sew News, Sewing Today, and Vogue Sewing Magazine.  It was when I went to the Threads Magazine website that I hit the sewing jackpot in sewing blogs.  Now I started reading some blogs before going onto the Be Sew Stylish blog (Threads Magazine) with doing a google search and came across Erica’s DIY blog.  I thought to myself what a great blog and she has some knitting as well, so I saved it to my favorite.  However, upon going to Be Sew Stylish, I saw Erica’s blog as one categorized by the Stylish blogs as links they love. 

Another website that I enjoy is Pattern Review (, this site is for people who love to sew with the reviews from everything from fabric stores to sewing projects.  The site also have online sewing classes and if you are a member (bi-annual or yearly membership).  There are some other blogs that I regularly read, one is Adrienne’s Little World – Real Life: Live and Unscripted which is delightful.  She does an audio podcast and video (posted on the blog) including interviews of follow knitters, sewers, and scrapbookers.

There is Miss Celie’s Pants ( I believe is great with all of her wonderful sewing projects, and Toy’s blog  ( with her wonderful knitting and sewing projects.  Toy also does a podcast called Inspirational Wednesday with some good interviews in fact she recently did an interview with Cidell (Miss Celie’s Pants), and a current interview of Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic blog.

These are just a few of the many blogs I visit and read.  I find them very inspirational and motivational to create and make my own clothes (now it might take me a while to caught up), but also find these ladies very talented, and more than willing to share their experiences in sewing and other happenings in life.  I loved the fabric store trip with Adrienne and Erica.

 Now for my sewing happenings, as you know from post on Sunday, I did a muslin of a skirt and ready to move on to making the real one.  However, I thought about one thing, I needed a lining as the fabric is wood tweed and got a great suggestion from Belinda of Sew Seamless (, thanks Belinda.  I already have some lining on hand, but then thought to myself do I really want to use a black lining (tweed is an orange/rust color). Thus that inner conversation that you have with yourself begs with the question to use another color lining or just use the black lining. 

So now this inner struggle about what color lining to use in your mind is similar to that of a sword fight (like the one in the Adventures of Robin Hood) as one part of you says use what you have no one is going to see it anyway and the other part of you says, yes but I’ll know.  Then I came up with a temporary solution, I need to make a muslin for a jacket until my final color lining decision, lol.  Hey, I do when reading a book that I am not really into at the moment, I read another one, finish it, and come back to the first one.  I think that could work in sewing as well (smiles).  I just mad another realization that I just wrote a seemingly long blog, lol.


5 responses

  1. Wow! Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    I think you are well on your way to becoming a very successful seamstress, although I think you’re pretty successful now even though you consider yourself a beginner.

    Regarding your lining dilemma–this is just my opinion, but I think would be appropiate in this particular case since if I’m understanding correctly, the skirt is a darker color. Of course, you could always choose a lining that is a very different color to add a little “splash” inside the skirt. 😉 I think that whatever you decide will be the right thing because it will be what you chose.

    Happy Sewing!

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