Sewing Strategies

Yesterday, I attended a free concert with the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble (yes, the U.S. Army has a jazz ensemble) at a performing arts center in South Orange.  I should let you know that New Jersey seems to be the performaing arts center capital in the country, the state has more performing arts centers than Carter has liver pills.  I live in an area where there are at least three performing arts centers in a ten mile radius that doesn’t include the New Prudential Center home of the New Jersey Devils in Newark, NJ that will open this Thursday with Bon Jovi the first to perform.  Now I am not into the hockey, but probably will get tickets to see Seton Hall University basketball play (unfortunately, the Seton Hall v. Louisville has sold out).  I am glad to say that it’s fun to live in a state where you have choices to many different events (also, close to New York City).

Now, I wrote the first paragraph to say that there are times when a girl gets busy outside of the home with working, going to concerts, and having dinner with friends.  I realized that some organization needs to happen if I want to knit and sew.  I have what I like to call my creative mess with books and magazines, fabric, notions, and yarn in different places in my room (I see a trip to the Container Store in my future).  My biggest problem is living in a small space and need to to use it to my best advantage.  This means using my wall space and building up from there, and sectioning off spaces for my knitting and sewing along with getting  wall shelves for my books and magazines.

I thought about getting a notebook to keep track of my projects, or better yet making use of the scapebook by having it as my project organizer with photographs of projects and fabric samples.  This will also give me a sense of how long it took me finish the project, record of notions used, and techniques that were most helpful.  Of course organization isn’t the only thing, I need make better use of my time management.  I would love to start and finish my sewing project in one sitting, but life does happen.  The best thing I can do in the time management department is doing my project in sections.  Such as cut out my muslin piece during the week, make adjustments the next night, cut the fabic the next night, and finish the project over the weekend.  I know that may seem a little time consuming, but I tend to choose projects that are simple in construction so that they can completed in the shortest amount of time.  Believe it or not, ordering notions online does save me some time with running around to find the items, but I usually order things ahead of time while working on another project then when I am ready for the next project, I have everything needed.  Besides waiting a few days doesn’t stop me from working on something else.  However, there is always another way that’s better and quicker than the way I do it and welcome any advice my fellow do it yourself guys can give me.  So I am taking a survey, how do you organize your space and time?  Let me know.  Thanks.


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  1. I’m just over the bridge in Staten Island, NY…I try to make several concerts every year in NJ (yes, you have some of the best venues).

    Ironically, I have several posts on my blog about Sewing Room Organization topics. go check it out–under Categories, select SEWING ORGANIZATION.

    As far as time management, I tend to do all my cutting in multiples, same with sewing.


  2. Hi Lars:

    Thanks for the information. I checked on the Prudential Center website and the tickets weren’t available, but I’m going to call the number you posted. Thanks again.

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