For the Plus Size Girl

Well here I go again, reading from the November 2007 issue of O Magazine for more fashion advice.  O’s creative director Adam Glassman responded to a reader who is plus-size what she absolutely needs in her closet.  He responds by saying what your best friend or friends will not tell you:

  • Lingerie that lifts, smooths, and supports, including shapewear pieces and a properly fitted bra. You’ve got to get dressed from the inside out.
  • A white wrap shirt to show off your waist (if you have one) or give the illusion of curves (if you don’t).
  • Black boot-cut stretch pants to balance broader hips.
  • Jeans with some stretch—I’ll even allow elasticized waists as long as you swear to wear your tops untucked.
  • A wrap dress in a solid color (more slimming than prints).
  • A trenchcoat with a waist-shrinking belt. Epaulets build up the shoulders—instant hourglass.
  • A straight skirt for the curvy; an a-line if your body shape is less defined.
  • A stretch tank to layer with—it helps to contain larger breasts.
  • A pair of heels for shapelier calves.
  • …and opaque hose to match—for the longest-looking legs in town.

I think this is great advice for not only plus-size women, but any woman who needs to have essential pieces in their warbrode.  I know that have people told me that is a nice skirt that you are wearing and often wonder if they like the skirt but not just on me.  There have been times when I knew something I wore did not flatter me at and yet people paid me a compliment of how nice I look (makes me question their fashion sense).  I know I say to myself what was I thinking, but the person paying the compliment, well let’s just say that he or she felt like using drama license so not to hurt my feelings.  I don’t know, but like when someone tells me that there is something hanging from my nose, or my skirt is higher in the back than front.  What do you think and how do you feel about having some rules as a guide to dress your best?

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