Sunday Happenings

I have to write this first before writing about my sewing today.  As in my blog from yesterday, I went to see Three Mo’ Tenors and they were great.  They have a limited engagement in New York City at the Little Shubert Theatre until February 2008, so anyone living in the area or planning a trip to New York, I think you really enjoy the Tenors in concert.

Now onto my sewing adventures.  I usually don’t start any sewing projects on Sundays as my father comes to my every Sunday, but he has a problem with his tooth and needs some oral surgery and was unable to make to day.  I am quite sure he will be alright, but I took the opportunity to start cutting out a muslin piece for a simple skirt.  However, I have fabric that’s a herringbone tweed and the cutting instructions actually has the skirt layout on the bias and should work out fine.  I create muslins to improve my cutting skills (I’m left-handed) as a beginner it is important to me to cut as accurately as possible.  In addition, the pattern on has one skirt side, I don’t have a large table to accommodate the entire layout pattern, so I cut the first piece left the fabric and pattern together, and pinned it to the other end and cut the second piece.  This worked out well as both the front and back pieces are cut the same.  The skirt requires a 5/8″ hem, and need to add the elastic waistband.  I tried on the skirt and it fits fine with just a minor adjustment of taking in a 1/4″ on each side.

Although I am a beginner sewer, I realized that I want to put in a lining with this skirt.  The fabric is a wool tweed, but the skirt is an a-line and another solution of wearing a slip comes to mind.  I did read in one of my sewing books (High Fashion Sewing I believe), I could make the lining like straight skirt since my skirt flares and attach to the waist.  That’s probably the easiest solution, but I am open to suggestions for anyone else who may have a better option.  What is everyone else doing with their Sunday?

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  1. I think you are doing great with improving your sewing skills! 🙂 One easy way to line a skirt is to cut the lining from the same pattern the lining and skirt at the waist. The lining can be cut a bit shorter than the skirt made out of fashion fabric, so that the lining won’t be showing at the bottom of your tweed skirt.

    Another solution would be to underline, which means that you would cut the lining from the same pattern, but instead of sewing the lining and fashion fabric together at the waist, baste the lining to the fashion fabric skirt pieces (prior to construction) and treat the fabric as one fabric. This might be the easiest solution for you as a beginning sewer. 🙂

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